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anyone else agree that it's a little strange when it's december 16th and also happens to be 55 degrees out...? we went walking at castle island and didn't have to bundle up- no hats or gloves or even jackets for that matter. just a big blue sky and big blue water and strange spring-like weather. the wickid bizzah part was feeling warm, but seeing the sun so low in the sky.
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i slept until the blissful hour of 10am today. can you tell school is over for the next few weeks? last night j.mo and i celebrated the end of the semester in true fatboy style by walking over to our neighborhood indian place and gorging on the yummiest of curries, naans, and fried appetizers. if i can have that every semester i'm never gonna stop going to school :P

tonight i've got a tray of rice krispy treats at the ready and we're going to a holiday party at our friend lynn's in bridgewater (bridgewater was address #3 for us in our quest to live in every nook and cranny of the greater boston area)... and tomorrow is shaping up to be an entire day spent on the couch- football watching and snacking. truth be told what i'm really holding out for is monday... i've got the day off and am finally doing my xmas shopping. now that my brain doesn't hurt from deconstructing the culture concept i can think about more important things like stocking stuffers...

hope everyone is having a good weekend.


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