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a potato shoot

so i was emailing back and forth with my cousin ty this morning...

he sends this:
'Any big plans this weekend? If the weather holds here, I’m hoping to get us down to Ft. Popham for a good, old fashioned photo shoot'

maybe it was getting up at o'dark hundred this morning.
or the three cups of coffee by 9am.
or doing too many things at once.

but i read 'potato shoot'

and not only did i read 'potato shoot' but i even went as far as emailing him back to ask what the fuck a is 'potato shoot?' i assumed it was some sort of backwoods of maine annual tradition involving my most beloved edible item and firearms... something like an annual fully-loaded clambake or an AK-47 blueberry fest. i'm pretty sure i had a moment of panic while i imagined the mashed potato orgy i had been missing out on all these years. i was a still little stumped by the 'shoot' part- although it did remind me of when i bought this timeless classic for j.mo as a stocking stuffer:

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ty's response?

'That’s photo there captain, not potato'

right- i knew that.


ty said...

it's been a few hours now, and I'm still laughing over that one.

thanks g :)

b.nuts said...

if i knew it was going to be that kind of party i would stuck my d*** in the mashed potatoes

g said...

there she goes again... get her near a buffet and it all goes downhill from there ;)

shel said...

wasn't that you that used to say that? or am i losing my mind...

g said...

yeah- well, actually.. it's the beastie boys :)