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every twelve seconds

last night j.mo and i ventured into the great beyond that is boston's north end for italian food with our good friends Linda and Natalia (Natalia's our secret KGB russian bride- shhhh...) the food was awesome- i was able to get the chef to throw together a dairy free mushroom risotto *and* i scored all of j.mo's spare shrooms too- so i was basking in the glow of mushroomfest2006 all evening. well, the glow could have also been martini-related i suppose.

after dinner natalia, j.mo and i trekked over to brighton to see little-aussie-battler-pop-gem-in-the-rough ben lee. after a painful ride on the green line with BU freshmen frat boys talking about beer-drinking donkeys at a bar in florida, we turned up just in time to grab a drink and have ben get started. and it was so much fun- he's a big goof, but that's why we love him. here are some tiny blurry pictures for you:

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it's hard to believe that october is just about over- have fun trickin'n'treatin' tonight :) check out the pumpkin i carved on saturday:

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every twelve seconds
someone remembers
that we're all in this together
-ben lee

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john said...

you're the best pumpkin carver! and not a shabby husband, either ;)

great photos.