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vino blanco

last night luis (the guy who runs the office down here) took us to his house on the beach to enjoy the sunset and hang out with his family and friends.

it was an amazing night- so beautiful out and so much fun. worth every dull aching moment of today's hangover ;)

a few pics for you... thankfully they were taken before our sabadogigantefleshwounds erupted, courtesy of the highoctane mosquitos which abound. yes, even at the beach.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

today was the end of training- it was supposed to last until tomorrow, but we finished up a little early. so tonight we're all going out for dinner and i'm sure tomorrow i'll be walking around in a 2 day hangover fog. kristin and i are leaving in the morning to visit chichin itza (mayan ruins) so it should be a fun day. besides, nothing cures a hangover like trekking around ancient ruins under the blazing sun with our livers in our backpacks.

and then it's back to boston on sunday. i'll post more pics as soon as i get back.

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john said...

i swear i'm not the least bit jealous. not at all... ;)