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don't panic (aka it's good to be in love)

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if you woke up and found foul smelling day old sangria in your kitchen... and scattered champagne flutes on window sills... and beer bottles just about any and everywhere, inlcluding the shower and front lawn- no need to panic. at least i didn't on monday morning when i awoke to pretty much that scene (ok, i exaggerate re: the lawn, but the sangria cesspool is no lie). it was probably just a gay wedding that blew through the neighborhood. and as the pinktingedhangoverfog begins to burn off, you too will clearly remember licking frosting off the two miniature grooms that were on the cake :)

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what a weekend! needless to say, sunday's surprise (to most) wedding was a blast. a big thanks to all of our family and friends for helping make the day everything it was. and another big thanks to the state of massachusetts for understanding that a family is a family is a family. as soon as we get all of the pics from the butter queen, j.mo and i will go to town posting away. until then, all i have to offer up are some plastic groom cake toppers and some triple fermented sangria... it sure is good to be in love- bottoms up :P


Anonymous said...


sniff... thanks for sharing your lovely day. sniff...


Jon said...

OU2. Just the cutest super secret gay vegan wedding ever! Thanks for feeding me for 4 days straight on your wedding leftovers.

g said...

just sharing the love- besides, how many dinners of baked potatoes and cheap champage can a girl eat?


ps- justine!! fancy meeting you here :)