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last night j.mo and i were riding the redline home when we happened to notice that all-too-unmistakable sound of someone clipping their nails? yup, clipping their nails on public transport:

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i suppose it could have been worse- they could have been cutting their toenails. eeeeeeewwwww. c'mon people. i'm all for dedicated adherence to a thorough personal hygiene routine, but clipping your nails on the T? although now that i think about it- imagine what a time saver it will be when i brush my teeth on the train tomorrow am.


chixie said...

dead human bits all over the place!gross! that's my pet peeve. nail clipping should be done at least in a bathroom but ideally in an isolation chamber that you hose down immediately. GROSS!

chixie said...

sorry...one more thing. this is up there with that face sucking machine alyssa used to use. lys, you're great but that thing grosses me out.

g said...

yeah the conair facepuss extractor 3000 was a bit much. they should just stick to the ever-lucrative hot roller market.