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it's too early to be fucking with my day, people...

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the friggin' cleaning people threw out my water bottle. don't they know our mortgage only allows for two new water bottles a month? june is still a week away.

i'm either gonna have to rob my office's uglyass yoda-soda fund:

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or i'm going to have to settle for dixiecup H2O shooters all day.

maybe i'll just skip the usual 3 litres of water a day routine and replace every single drop of it with coffee. j.mo- prepare the sedetives for my arrival this evening :)


john said...

that yoda thing is hilarical!


shellie said...

the old russians that clean our office do that same thing! i started writing 'do not throw away' on them. they don't vacuum the floor, but they dispose of precious water bottles.

g said...

i'm gonna superglue mine to my desk and set up a hidden camera...

Karry said...

Don't get me started on cleaning people. I toss my used tea bags into the trashcan at my desk when the tea is done steeping. One day I noticed that the bag was getting a little.... brown. I watched this bag through two cleanings just get browner and browner. Finally I taped a note to the bag asking the cleaning people to toss the bag and get me a new one please. I taped the top and bottom of the note to the bag ITSELF. What did they do? PEELED THE NOTE OFF AND LEFT THE BAG.