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sixty minutes

i spent nearly the entire weekend right here:
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i think my ass has developed a permanent arrangement with the kitchen chair i've called home the past 48 hours. there's no telling if i'll be allowed to leave tomorrow for class-

with the brief exception of a one hour expedition to trader joe's last night for provisions of the edible variety we otherwise didn't leave the house, and more specifically the kitchen table, thanks to school. it's that time of the semester where i find myself snapping all of the little plastic clips off of my mechanical pencils (i have a severe phobia against writing with pens- nothing pains me greater than the inability to erase). but i did get a ton of work done, including an exceptionally unenjoyable paper on gender relations amongst the bakairi indians of brazil that i've been dreading since september. 15 days and all 5 classes and finals are done.

also in the mix at the moment is the never ending quest to go to grad school. this weekend i finished my (re)application and tomorrow i'll be meeting with a professor to get my last recommendation. a week or two from now i should know if i'm starting classes at lesley at the end of january. fingahs, toes and eyes crossed.

the highlight to this weekend was our encounter with a drug mule named maria (ugh, if only). if you haven't already seen Maria Full of Grace definitely add it to your must see list. an excellent movie that left my stomach in knots for a good few hours

alrighty- time to go change the laundry around and get dinner going. as much as i can't stand this man linda told me all about an easily vegan-ized recipe of his that sounds to die for- it's a butternut squash soup with wild rice and soy sausage etc... should be yumma. throw in the loaf of homemade potato and scallion bread that's about to pop outta the breadman2000 jmo got me for xmas last year and i think we've got ourselves a winner tonight.

see you in the morning.



butternuts said...

that's a nice spread eagle photo of you professor cleatus

g said...

only you... besides, i had to post a pic of myself after j.mo dug up that embarassing number with the xmas lights to prove that those two weeks on the richard simmons fatfarmflotilla really did pay off :P