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my mum away from mum...

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a certain someone (aka Linda, on the right- seen here riding with mojo and i in the back of a bangkok tuk-tuk on what had to have been a 105 degree day) is leaving where we are currently working together and heading off into the better-paying sunset ;)

i just wanted to take a moment to wish her lots of luck with her new job- we've known each other for a while now and this is the second place we've done time together. over the past few years she's become my mum away from mum and i'm certainly going to miss chowing with my #1 lunchbuddy every day :)

good luck- i'll stalk you if you don't keep in touch!

ps- how about a few pics from that trip? happy viewing...

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mo chit weekend market

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bayon, cambodia

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banteay srei, cambodia

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