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It's not right- let me explain:

I've flown across the Pacific 24 times
Spent a long weekend with my mums in Norway
Drank very warm beer and successfully avoided monkfish in Cambodia
Biked around Rarotonga with my guy
Lived in Australia for three years
And rode around in the back of a pick-up truck in Honduras
and the list goes on....

BUT I'VE NEVER BEEN TO LONDON! Working around travelgurus you can imagine the shit I have to listen to about this. Not to mention the fact that nearly every single student that travels with my company goes to/thru London... It's travel-101. Travel training wheels. And I somehow skipped that part entirely.

But that's all about to change- just got our free tickets from Virgin so we can go for my birthday!! :)

Time to de-louse/lurgie-be-gone the spare futon, mags. We'll be there Jan 27th- I'll be expecting cake. Lots of it.



alyssa j said...

Considering even I've been to London, and I live in central Texas. That'll be a great birthday. :)

mag said...

hoooray!!! time to break out the tea and crumpets and alert the queen of your arrival.

mag said...

by the way, the cake sucks here....but the scones are good. and the beer.

g said...

as long as there is indian food i'll be happy :) you can put a candle in my chaana chaa.