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pollo consado

So last night was one of those rare nights where I actually fall asleep quickly and then don't wake up every hour or two for any number of reasons- usually it's because John's Mom's deaf cat has no idea that walking across the piano in the middle of the night does indeed make a lot of noise.

But last night I slept for over nine hours... oh sweet bliss! Hopefully that will keep my TV-induced borderline narcolepsy from knocking me out before ER is over tonight, because I've really been enjoying this season. You have no idea how many movies I've only seen the first 45 minutes of before I uncontrollably pass out- and it's not just the bad ones that put me to sleep.

I'm still waiting for the day when I fall asleep on the commuter rail and wake up in Providence.

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froggie said...

ohh!!! you so beautiful!!!

g said...

ahhhh- you can leave ego-enflating comments anytime :)