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my country 'tis of thee- sweet land of crap tv

About a month ago some rocket scientist at the gym decided it was a good idea to change every television in the place to show this hollywoodhasbeen ala humanhemorrhoid's tv show at 2 o'clock every day. (and yes, he's sitting on a friggin' vespa. could this be more wrong?)

every day.

Did I mention this was happening every day?

I was contemplating running backwards on the treadmill today just so I didn't have to see another retahded (for you lys) episode of 'so fun. so fresh. so tony.' so crap. so crap. so crap

Today, however, someone was smiling down on us and behold the sweet beauty of vh1's Love Crazed Celebs. I'm not much of a stargazer, that's for sure. In fact, most days I would be quite content to learn that hollywood imploded and all that was left was a charcoled Joan Rivers clutching to a few shreds of once-red carpet. (I've accepted the grim fact she's a permanent feature of all things Americana since she's had her blood pumped out and is now running on antifreeze)

I digress.

My point was today was the first Danza-free gym day in quite some time. Praise be and Amen- I've never been so happy whilst torturing my limbs.

I'd drink to that any day. Cheers clink.


butternuts said...

what's a vespa, isn't that a scooter?

g said...

yes indeed, b-nuts... did you click on the link to his website? zoom zoom zoom off to sicily on his vespa..

bnuts said...

who's the boss bitch

froggie said...

tony danza?