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fauxturkey recap

hope everyone had a gluttonheavy t-day. there were six of us gathered round for an extended stay in the starchzone, but of course we cooked enough food for double that. it really is the best holiday. and it has been so lovely to get those extra few days off from the regular routine. nothing overly exciting to report from the rest of the long weekend- as if thursday's pile of food wasn't enough, we managed to go out for pizza, japanese and indian take-away from our neighborhood chickpea-pusher. wandered around the city, caffeinated, got lost in a bookstore, went to the movies (would highly recommend seeing slumdog millionaire- great film!). my mac died (went to hard drive heaven), venturing into the apple store on black friday wasn't exactly what i had planned, but it wasn't too painful thanks to a healthy dose of recessionaryrestraint on the part of the consuming masses. and even though the warranty was expired, they fixed it for free.

a few pics-

'straight from the bog' really, which marketing genius thought this was gonna work? personally, i would have opted for 'what UTI?'
006 (2)

where bread is reincarnated as j.mo's famous stuffing:
005 (2)

blimps making sure margarine, the festive gravyboat (yes, we own a gravyboat *and* it has a name), doesn't act up:
003 (2)

the first victims of the diabetic coma that eventually hit us all:

at the feeding trough:

trough shot II:

working the kitchenmojo:

a few others:


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