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i gotta say, for a couple of amateurs, j.mo and i are pretty handy around the house. well, in this case, we're handy around his momma's house. last weekend we pulled apart a section of wickid old fencing and replaced all of the boards ourselves. while john was busy demolishing the old fence, i was in the garage on assembly duty with all the bits and pieces that eventually became a table saw. (you know i quadruple checked that shit- the visions of switching this testosterone fueled wood chomping contraption on and watching j.mo take a flying saw blade to the head at 4,000,000 rpm's was something i was hoping to avoid).


with the fence (plus swivel gate, i might add) under our construction belts, it was on to the deck. jmo's momma's deck could give you a splinter if you looked at it the wrong way, let alone set foot on it with bare feet. gray, rotted, splitting old wood... after a measuring session, we had lowes deliver a truckload of new wood and did a little demolition work on the old stuff... today we really stepped up the pace, both with tearing the old crap up and getting started with newdeck08. no major injuries to report- j.mo did get hit in the side with a large piece of wood that rocketed off the saw and his leg did get scraped, but there were no emergency airlifts to the ER. i got a splinter and in true gurlscout style, managed to suck the poison out.

before we get started, everyone's tetanus shots are up to date-? we got a whole lotta rusted nails up in there:

check out the g.diddy supastah safety goggles:

the deck re-build is simply not enough, gotta add another set of stairs too:





pretty impressed with ourselves we are ;) oh yeah- i got out of the shower a few mins ago and j.mo was like 'what's that red splotch all across the top of your ass?' uh, yeah, that would be my sexy sunburn a la plumber's crack:


amazing how becks and i look the same from behind, huh?

here are all the pics from today's adventure in carpentry. hope y'all are having a good weekend...

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jilly-d said...

wow that looks like a pretty bad sunburn, G! ;-)

love the pic of j.mo with his tongue in the blade.