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fancy a cup of tea?

yesterday i was at super88 poking around the piles of small pig-shaped new year's cakes, conveniently prepared and ready to eat chicken feet snack-packs, and every edible green you can imagine when i stumbled into aisle 9's tea-topia. the tea section is the only part of super88 that can rival the typical supermarket's requisite sugary breakfast cereal aisle in both overwhelming paralytical variety and mind-erasing packaging complexity. we're almost out of ginger tea, so i was wading around my own private jasmine-scented ginko-infused teaparty trying to decide which of the 1.2million varieties was gonna work when i found this:


potent man tea. watchoself- i've had my potent man tea this morning... i wonder- tea to increase male potency? or tea made from virile he-essence? i got so distracted by the packaging and then fumbling around to take a quick photo i completely forgot why i was there and it wasn't until i was loading the car with groceries that i realized i'd forgotten to buy tea.

happy superbowling...


froggie said...

it kinda looks as if his chest is dripping something very potent, indeed. anyhoo, i came somehow came across and old post of the white fur coat lady in front of the big ball, and the word "ponymuff" caught my eye. i have been wondering all year long my "ponymuff" titled cd was from and for some reason had blocked it out... but i now remember this word being born the time i came to visit when we had to stop at urban outfitters to buy me a belt because my pants kept falling down, and some tall socks because i was cold... but ican't remeber why we started saying ponymuff. please help.... love, froggie

g said...

i think there was a man with a ponytail *and* those gay manmuffs and thus the dictionary puckered and sighed and out popped the world's first ponymuff ;)