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c'est fini

finally, i can put the summer semester to bed.... i just finished my 15 page case study for immigration law. good thing you're not trying to haul these bags across the border!
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needless to say, tomorrow is a sick day for me, because it's nearing 1am and i'm still awake. that *never* happens on a work night unless it's some kind of school-related torture.

speaking of work, i've been wanting to do a post about this since last week- first the visual (what i see when i look out one of my two windows at work):
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then the email my boss sent:
From: H, Linda
Sent: Friday, August 17, 2007 8:44 AM
To: F, Stephen; M, Richard
Cc: L, Linda
Subject: Vestibule

Something needs to be done with the vestibule between Gary's office and mine. I've told you about all the drug dealing that have been going on there. Yesterday, early afternoon a very drunk man walks up and urinates on the window in Gary's office while he's sitting at his desk. After that he passed out in the vestibule and Gary had to get Mario to remove him. With the coming rain today our department will smell like one of the walkways in the Downtown Crossing station.

We really need some help back here.


mmmmmhmmmm- sitting at my desk on thursday last week, minding my own business when a drunk guy decides to pee on my window. at the very least it could have been some young college beef to drool over... oh no, instead i got a sun-dried andy rooney that just downed a gallon of cheaperthancheapnailpolishremovervodka.

bet you don't get that in the burbs, now do ya?

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alyssa said...

We could have used your expertise down here a couple weeks ago. We do all the corporate travel for the local hospital system and the administrators bought an illegal alien dialysis patient with no health insurance a one-way ticket to Veracruz. It was literally "No way, Jose," when he tried to check in with his only form of ID, a Mexican voter ID card.