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sweetjesusgoodlord we've got another meth-head man-whore at the pulpit

so it's all over the news right now that Ted Haggard, some big guy evangelical bible thumper, is in trouble for buying himself a little brokeback preacherman and passing the crackpipe. why is anyone surprised by this type of stuff anymore?

here's a random pic of him from the innernets after he got high and super-glued his hands together. sure does look strung out to me:
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apparently he has had a lot to say against gay marriage and he has also been a regular participant in white house conference calls as a part of bush's whole faith-based clusterfuck policy.

luckily he's got a really strong argument in his defense:

from cnn.com
Pastor admits buying meth
A top evangelical leader who is accused of paying a male prostitute for sex admitted today he contacted his accuser "for a massage" and purchased methamphetamine from him. But the Rev. Ted Haggard said he never had sex with Mike Jones and threw away the drugs.

just a massage? uh-huh. and threw away the drugs? riiiiight.

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