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my big backyard

so as you're all beginning to know well that there's a little bit of everything and everyone in our small corner of dorchester. many languages, a pu-pu platter of parking skills, stray cats, skunks and kids, someone practicing on their trumpet, firecrackers, spanish nanas, and on and on. i'm starting to wonder if maybe instead of a semester at sea we could offer a semester in dot- unparalleled exposure and real-life experiences without the $10,000 tuition or the seasickness.

but one thing in the neighborhood i've yet to understand is in our backyard. well, to be more exact, it's not really in our backyard-- it's the yard that abuts our back yard:
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here- take a closer look:
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pipes, 2x4's, bricks, a tarp or two... and voila- there you have IT. but what is IT? is IT some sort of quasi-complete gardening set up? an unfinished extension of the house? someone who never quite got over the fact they never made a sequel to this film?
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