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my 4th

j.mo and i enjoyed a lovely day off together with next to nothing to do yesterday... it's pretty rare that we don't pack all sorts of things or projects into our time off- painting, yardwork, parental care, blah blah blah. it was the first time in years i can say i got up *just in time* to watch the price is right. besides the fact that barker has a cord running from his left leg to a car battery (seen just off stage when the camera pans out over the audience) it's pretty much business as usual for bob and the beauties from 11am-noon. although we did note that the quality of the prizes seems to gave gone a tad downhill- i mean really, an old fashioned nacho warmer??

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after a trip to hyde park we were back home just in time for our 4th of july festivities- central AC, 10 lbs of leftover vegan stuffed shells and a movie. nothing says red, white and blue american patriotism quite like an awesome film about a thai s/he kickboxer and faux dairy stuffed pasta...

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Anonymous said...

hey gar - finally found you :)

was out fishing the other day with dad, and he mentioned your blog here.

It's been a long time - hope we can catch up! Tons of new stuff to talk about.

email here is: tparadis@neverunplugged.com

drop a line sometime...

Congrats to you and John!