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with one slip of your travel agent's pudgy finger...

you could be landing in Kansas City (MCI) instead of Orlando (MCO). people who travel often, along with those of us 'privileged' enuogh to work in the travel industry all know that every airport gets a three letter code- the whole travelworld runs on this jibberjabber code language, with airport codes being just the beginning. some of them are completely logical and straightforward- boston is BOS. but then there are dozens of others that seem to have no sensible origin- Toronto is YYZ.

yesterday i ran across this article... same kind of idea- manchester, new hampshire (MHT) or manchester, UK (MAN)? this poor guy learned the hard way when he boarded a 50 seat minijet for what should have been a 6 hour trek across the atlantic- an hour later he landed in the granite state and found himself buying a 'live free or die' t-shirt and milking cows with our quirky neighbors to the north.

of course, this all made me think back to the time the butter queen and i worked together at STA... she had a customer that wanted to go to daytona beach, florida (DAB) and got him all set up for a lovely trip to dayton, ohio (DAY) instead. just another adventure in travelgonewrong.

happy friday :)


alyssa j said...

The best is that I believe that fool actually got all the way to Dayton before he realized and called STA. I so do not miss the travel mishaps.

mag said...

yep, with a stopover in cleveland on the way there too! and after having been sent at least 4 emailed itineraries that clearly stated he was bound for dayton, ohio.