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it's almost a little sad- my passport is about to expire so it's time for a new one. i had to hit up cvs for photos on my way to work and am filling out my application today to have in renewed. after 10 years together i'm feeling rather attached, even if it does have a rather large thanksgiving turkey (read: ever vigilant terrorist-eating eagle) on the cover. i'm sure this all sounds silly, c'mon... nostalgically misty-eyed over a passport? but we've been a lot of places together:

10 years
41 stamps (14 of which are from trips to australia :)
2 visas
14 countries

it's been an awesome decade of people and places and sinking cattle barges in the middle of guatemalan waterways... i wonder which fine country will be the first to ink my new passport's virgin pages?- a cycling trip in laos and a tanzanian adventure to hike up kilimanjaro are on the horizon... up, up and away :)

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