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ahhhh.... this was my first weekend since january without having to work on saturday, no paper (or papers) due, no 200 pages to read, and no trip to connecticut to apply larger than life bandaids at the very source of my doomsdaygenepool. on the *really fun* weekends the past few months i would have had all 4 to deal with in the span of 48hrs. i have no idea how j.mo managed to refrain from chopping me to bite-sized morsels and sending me down the supahsonicgahbagedisposal4000 one soybean at a time....

toward the end of the semester i felt like i was starting to unravel a bit- not sleeping too well, constantly exhausted and completely uninterested in anyone/anything other than bed. but things have slowed down considerably at work, school is done for a while and the parental units are in the process of getting themselves sorted.

this weekend was awesome- not because of some groundbreaking new experience or weekend getaway to somewhere distant... we got to spend the whole weekend together at home and slept late both mornings. i feel like i just got back from a two week vacation :) some of the highlights included buying a nice new 30 gallon fish tank, this film (which has now led me to believe we not only need asian babies, but they also need to be french-speaking asian babies... oh yeah- and we need them real soon). otherwise it was a lot of cooking and cleaning and laundry and just lounging.

the weather this weekend was absolutely crazy- friday j.mo and i got soaked during the 10 minute walk to the supermarket. the sky just opened up and it was all thunder and lightning and pouring rain, which naturally was all done as we got home. saturday was gorgeous and we went to castle island for a lovely bit-o-exercise along the ocean:

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and then all that sunny nice-ness turned into a black sky on sunday:
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complete with another thunderstorm, 20 degree drop in temperature and a whole lotta hail.

this spring can be officially diagnosed as having multiple personality disorder. it's hot, it's cold, it's hailing, it's raining for 10 days... i was so not made for new england ;)

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mag said...

still, i'll take drama any day over constant grey and drizzle.