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pollen, oh my pollen

so after our recent 10 day monsoon season finished all of the flowers, trees and grass are going crazy and pumping pollen out into the air like there’s no tomorrow. even with an allergy pill yesterday i still felt like i had sandpaper eyes all day. funtimes.

i more than understanding when we’re all packed onto the T in the morning and people need to sneeze and/or blow their nose. not the most pleasant of experiences when you’re wedged between a copy of the metro and your neighbor’s dandruff-flecked shoulder, but hey- at that point, what’s a little spritzing of airbornemucasbits?

but why? Why why why? why must people insist on blowing their nose and then opening up the kleenex to gaze at it? i don’t get it- are they malnourished and considering their masstransitsnackingoptions? it happened twice this morning and I’m only on the T for 15 minutes. it’s snot people, get over it. there’s plenty more where that came from. what is there to see in there?

little dancing penguins?
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Re-runs of the view?
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