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sawatdiikhap my little mistah

sawatdiikhap is thai for 'hello.'

meet pawarit (and his grandma, kham):
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j.mo managed to take an already fantastic birthday weekend in london and absolutely melt my butter with the gift he gave me. he did the research and found a nonbiblethumpin' charity that allows people to sponsor children in various places all over the world with the simple goal of helping kids and their communities. (they also promise that sally struthers will not be airlifted in to film a 3am join-me-and-jesus-as-we-save-the-children-and-eat-all-their-rice-rations infomercial) planusa.org works in many countries with respect for local religions and cultures- bringing people together for the greater good.

so he signed us up to sponsor little pawarit, his family and his community. i was tearing up as i opened up the info over the weekend and realised what john had done for me. if this doesn't earn him whatever leftover gay oscars remain after brokeback cleans house, i don't know what possibly could. so thoughtful and so touching.

pawarit is two years old and lives in nongdone, thailand- it's in the eastern part of the country, not too far from cambodia. he lives with his grandma since both of his parents left the village to find work in nearby factories. both of his grandparents are peasant farmers and live in a simple cement house with a metal roof. soon we'll start writing to him and his family and getting updates about what he's been up to and how he's doing. planusa has a local coordinator in the village that translates letters between families and sponsors and overseas the project etc. the program encourages sponsors visit in person with the families they help support- i simply cannot wait for our next trip to thailand!

i can't wait to get to know you pawarit- it's going to be so wonderful to watch you grow up.

if this isn't a step in the road to parenthood, i don't know what is. thank you so much pumpkin- this is the best gift ever.


alyssa j said...

i'm down for the count. he's adorable. the girls are gonna want to be his pen pals too.

g said...

munchkinthaipolska playgroup :)

shellie said...

what a little sweetie!

g said...

don't you just want to dunk him in some sweet chili sauce and munch away??? so adorable ;)