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a happy bday shoutout to an oldie (ha!) but goodie

i had to drag myself out from under my postbreakfaststarchcoma (you try and eat a giant belgian waffle covered in syrup and bananas along with a side of homefries, plus all the homefries j.mo left behind and wash it all down with two coffees... this recreational eating thing is hard work. all that heavy lifting and grunting...)

but it's someone's bday today, so duty calls...

my dearest miss mojo, the finest whitechocolatenubianprincess to ever roll through floryduh on 8 wheels is celebrating yet another year of rollerskating, stahtravelle, avocado maki and a long lasting affair with her number one sgb (secret gay boyfriend).

we've known each other for about 6 years now and have had all kinds of fun and adventures- everything from speeding past a slowly sinking cattlebarge on a river in guatemala to slathering each other in purrell hand sanitizer before eating fries in cambodia. nothing like pairing a lactardvegan and an ubersensitive to anything oniony/garlicky, fried, spicy picky vegetarian eater and sending them off into the great nonenglishspeakinggastrointestinalfunfest in the sky. but somehow it works.

she's a babe and i sho do love her... so happy birthday darlin'
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