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as the planets align...

my horoscope today couldn't be more spot on:
>>Monday, February 20Aquarius:Btw: At the moment, your mental energy and concentration are best dedicated to the overview or grand planning portion of the program, such as envisioning the beautiful, completed home as you gaze out upon the lovely (but currently empty)building site, picturing opening night as the various members of the chorus gather for the first day of rehearsal, etc. Today's star rating: ***

could this have anything to do with the fact that yesterday j.mo and i were approved for a mortgage so we can go out and buy our own little corner of the ghetto?? and maybe i was just so excited/anxious yesterday afternoon i couldn't concentrate on schoolcrap and now have a paper due wednesday that i haven't started.

but whatever- this coming weekend phase 3 of the great escape begins and we're going to look at places, ready to make an offer on the right one.

so far this is the top of the list...

i don't know how i'm supposed to focus on work/school this week. i half expect my head to explode with a little puff of smoke and a handful of house shaped confetti.

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