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something's not right...

it's so not normal to be looking out the window at work seeing people ice skating on the common and it's nearly 60 degrees the third week of january. this just doesn't happen.

so it's saturday and i'm at work . this would be the third one this month. only 9 more to go and my weekends will be mine again. on the train this morning i was flipping through a copy of the most recent boston phoenix and came across this article on the biggest jacakass on television (well, if you care to refer to the fox 'news' network as television- it's more of an obnoxious portal to the ugly red underworld, with bill o'reilly manning the gate so he can cut your mike as you enter, ensuring no one registers any unfair or unbalanced complaints re: constitutional rights)

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my only regret while reading the article was that i missed bill's appearance on the david letterman show... letterman scores some serious points in my book for this comment:

“I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap.”

instead of wishing my fellow americans would tune in and pay attention, for once i really wish they would tune out and stop watching fox... and espeically stop watching the o'reilly factor. there's nothing fair and balanced about any of it. and to sell it as such is just plain tragic. c'mon people- we're smarter than this.

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