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so common...

dear gspotinc readers... this is an older/previouslypostedpost... but if you check the comments you'll learn that the real leanne braman (or someone who believes they are leanne braman)has paid us all a visit.

there's a rather funny photo on boston.com at the moment:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
with this caption-
Leanne Braman of Florida enjoyed the snow at a Prudential Center holiday display yesterday. A storm tonight could make for a messy commute tomorrow.

Does this rich bitch decked out in rare albino cheetah fur really look like she's 'enjoying the snow?'

I think she actually just purchased a giant solid gold ornament from tiffany's and is unhappily awaiting the arrival of her army of low-paid imported domestics to cart the thing over to beacon hill on their backs with her riding on top. You can't fool me boston.com


froggie said...

she's got big balls....

g said...

big golden frosted kahonas

froggie said...

hehe. i said balls.

g said...


Leanne Braman said...

Wow, any publicity is good publicity for me. Thanks, G.
I'm not rich, nor am I a bitch, and that is not a fake fur, it's genuine tourmaline mink. It was dead when I obtained it.

g said...

i should hope it was dead when you obtained it- i'd be a little worried if it wasn't.


Anonymous said...

Touche, G.

You remind me of a lot of friends I used to have in Boston.

Gosh, thankfully, the thing was dead, wouldn't want to be beating the thing off me if alive.

Keep up the comments.

And as far as looking for my entourage, I wasn't doing that. I was just trying to see through my sunglasses because they were smeared with....egg, I think.

Leanne Braman said...


I AM the real Leanne Braman, the one in the photograph. I just googled my name and found your website. Actually, I'd like a copy of the picture that the Globe photographer took of me.

Wanna send it to me?

g said...

sure- you've been a good sport and haven't once threatened to sue me after that whole thing with INS and all the help being deported...

if you click on my profile you'll find my email address in there... send me a message and i'll send you the photo.

Leanne Braman said...

Thanks Baby.