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so last night was my big debut as a grad student- first night of classes. and can i just tell you- after schleping it out to bridgewater for school the past 2+ years it was a more than refreshing change of cast & crew & subject matter. no more sitting between 18 year old B(F)FF's (best (fucking) friends forever, for the acronym deficient) as they text message each other about last night's kegstands at mach 5... incessantly... this was during the drool fest that was a human approach to biology. we won't even talk about the crazy 'mature aged student' with really bad dandruff in last semester's economics class that gave us a play-by-play update on her kitchen remodelling in gross detail every week. dusty cranberry, i believe. but they had to use gray primer and on and on and on.

there were less than 15 other students in my class last night- and every single one of them was either a minority or an international student... and/or someone that had worked/lived/studied overseas for an extended period of time. there's a whole lotta women- only three guys, including myself- so really there's only two guys and one gay guy. and those other two are probably in the process of having their gender reassigned anyways so it's a moot point. the professor was really good and avoided passing the talking stick (something i was a little afraid of with this program- in the interview they mentioned a large amount of group work and potential handholding while we cry and look at our girliebits like in that movie... was it fried green tomatoes? anyways, i put on my brave face and zoned out with an episode of abfab during that part of the conversation)

anyways, so far so good- i'm loving being in school for something i'm actually interested in and has some meaning. today i have orientation and class from 4-7p. then it's home to pack for london!!!

hope everyone has a good day.


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