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to the lovely people of austria....

earlier today at work i happened upon this article on cnn.com. it appears as though a recently launched austrian ad campaign was a bit much for even those uberliberalunifiedeuropeans and sadly the ads are being pulled. but before they disappear forever.... they're absolutely fabulous. a bush-chirac-queen b menage a trois a la political statement.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

you know (ima)dick cheney is jealous that g.dubs has better man ta-ta's...

in the artist's own words:

'Carlos Aires, the artist who created the two posters, denied his works were meant to offend, telling APA when asked for his motivation: "I suddenly had this image of three decision makers who are having an orgy while everything around them collapses.'

yeah- pretty much. well- it might have been a little better if condi had been let in on the action:

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so i have a favor to ask of the lovely people of austria- since you're not going to be doing anything with the ads, would you mind shipping them over to us here in the US so that was can put them to good use? i'd love to see one of these beauties along i-93 headed into town. but the bulk of them i'd save for various high visibility areas way down red. ERECT one of those bastions of sinful political parody in downtown salt lake city and those mormons would be on their hands'n'knees reaching for the light faster than you can say look kids it's the queen mum taking it up the royal ass.

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alyssa j said...

they should have thrown arnold in there to even it out.