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speaking of beans...

I came out of the gym today and there were people at Downtown Crossing wearing rocketman backpacks with hoses sticking out, holding little spray nozzles in their hands and a stack of cups. Well-mannered martians? Homeland Security spraying anthrax-be-gone? Or worse- film students from Emerson??

I nearly wet my pants when I saw they were offering samples of soymilk- original *and* chocolate. Naturally I had one of each.

I was really hoping they would still be there when I left work so that I could take a picture for y'all, but sadly they had already left.

But fear not, because just a few feet away from where they were was this:

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It was some sort of Ikea aquarium on wheels, complete with Ikea people inside, sitting on cheap Swedish furniture and sipping latte's. Who needs free soy-based beverages when you can have this kind of entertainment?

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shellie said...

only in the big city i tell ya

i promise i'm going to send you an acutal email today, i've been horrible about that. bad girl smack smack.