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A seasonal plague has (re)descended upon us.

They're small.

They're fury.

And they're absolutely uggly:
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I don't know who decided to blow the dust off the stockpiles of ugg boots and fill the stores for the apparently ugg-boot hungry masses... but what i want to know is ha-why? (thank you centex bank commercial last new year's)

Unless you're Bjork (or any other unfortunate individual that happens to live on a bit of ice and rock poking up out of far northern waters) or an Argentinean alpaca herder, there's no need to dress yourselves in raccoon and elk hide from the knee down.

I've never read the bible, but I'm sure ugg boots are right after that part about locusts.


froggie said...

what's even worse is when the 14 year old tooties wear them with really tiny mini skirts and like 5 layered tank tops that still reveal their belly-button rings... uhhhhh....

g said...

ugh- mung bean dahl for dinner last night. lots of tooties the past 24hrs.

froggie said...

mmmmmm sounds scrum-deli-umpshis